The Inspiration

When 3-year old Sienna Jade insisted on wearing tights every day, the search began for cute girls leg-wear. “I tried to find Sienna a variety of fun and functional tights to keep up with her active and ‘fashionable’ lifestyle; that’s when I realized the market for girl’s tights was quite limited.”

Luna Leggings are inspired by Sienna – her love for bright and unique color combinations (as her drawings portray!), her carefree and creative style, and our mutual respect for the natural world around us- beautiful flowers, trees, and edible gardens.

We’ve created versatile styles and hip designs that fit well and wear well-
they are not your ordinary tights!

“Using the perfect blend of high-quality organic cotton enables us to produce ultra-soft, long-lasting leggings. Nylon stitching and seams maximize stretch and strength. A wide, reinforced waistband adds comfort and stay-ability. Luna Leggings are compassionately made in every way, and ultimately, something girls will actually want to wear again and again- comfortable, fashionable and durable. “My girls like to look and most importantly, feel good.”

In order to construct fabric, and to the quality we desired, we had to go abroad. “It can be extremely difficult working with companies overseas- dealing with communication, quality control, and just feeling good about unknown factory environments.” A close relationship with the small, family-run knitting company in Rajasthan optimizes quality and reliability. Spending time with the owners, their children and grandchildren, and sharing meals at their home in India, has greatly enhanced the working relationship and helped to create a close bond across continents. “We’ve hosted the owner’s daughter in our home – she actually dressed my girls in the very first Luna Leggings!”

Meeting with the factory employees, observing the pleasant, open-air working space, and having real relationships with the production managers assures not only an optimal product, but gives us confidence to dress our friends, families, and customers.

Luna Leggings were created to add spice, fun, and whimsy to every girls’ wardrobe, and to promote adventure and creativity in girls, their parents, and the entire world around us. We hope that wearing these tights will brighten everyone’s day and inspire an appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors- perhaps this will even include growing an edible garden of delicious fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs, an important step to maintaining a sustainable community!

Luna Leggings would like to give a very special thanks to-

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the fabulous eco-friendly fashion lines and generous boutiques
who provided apparel and accessories for our premiere photo shoot.