Environmentally-Friendly Business Practices

At our core is the passion and drive to support a sustainable lifestyle, a socially responsible business, and ultimately, to keep our world (and our kids!) healthy.

How do we do this? We…

  • Source cotton from an organic farming community in Northern India accredited by all International Organic Certification standards including the ‘Global Organic Textile Standard- GOTS.’
  • Use recycled packaging and paper products, soy-based inks, and minimize waste whenever possible.
  • Oversee the manufacturing facilities to ensure a healthy environment for employees.
  • Donate 10% of profits to the Edible Schoolyard Project to promote the education and practice of enjoying real food.
  • Partner with other non-profit organizations to support children in-need and other charitable causes.

We make thoughtful and conscious decisions to support and respect our environment – our kids make us more aware because every decision effects more than ourselves, and we know that our actions today effect generations to come.