Retailer Spotlight: One Small Room

Our new blog series, The Retailer Spotlight, will celebrate and highlight Luna Leggings’ fabulous retailers, some local and others from around the world! Our stores share similar values around sustainability + social responsibility, and their owners will be giving you a glimpse into their lives, their stores, and their customers!

And to begin…

One Small Room in Squamish, British Columbia, the beautiful, “Sea to Sky Corridor!”

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What inspired you to open a children’s store?
After my son was born 3 years ago, I knew it was time to change it up! After my maternity leave I gave up my “career” as a biologist and opened a children’s boutique!

What are three words to describe your store & what you carry?
Unique, Sustainable, Stylish

What does ‘environmentally responsible’ mean to you and your business?
I founded my business largely on the principle of offering environmentally conscious parents with an alternative to what conventional children’s stores offer. ‘Environmentally responsible’ to me means knowing where our products come from, how they are made, and what materials are used. The sustainability of the products is also important to us, so we try to source as locally as possible, beginning with handmade-in-BC products and extending beyond from there. We also offer high-quality consignment in our store, which further contributes to the sustainability cycle.
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What’s your favorite part of living in Squamish, BC?
The community, the natural beauty, and the lifestyle.

Do you have any advice for parents with picky dressers?
Go with what feels good on your kid. Soft fabrics, tag-less clothing, or loose-fitting pieces are what we encounter most. There are lots of options out there, so you can still make it work even for the kiddos who always demand “comfy pants” (think Luna Lounge instead of sweatpants)!

You can find One Small Room on:
Instagram: @1smallroom
Facebook: shoponesmallroom
Twitter: @1smallroom

To kick things off, we’re teaming up with One Small Room to hold an Instagram contest! Make sure to follow @LunaLeggings and @1smallroom to see how you can enter to win!

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