Luna Leggings Photo Shoot

13 wild and adventurous girls!   An RV!   A beyond gorgeous day at the Portrero Hill Community Gardens in San Francisco!  Poise, confidence, energetic giggles and hysterical laughter!  Hula-hoops, a flower-laced tree swing, beautiful flowing braids, ethereal hair wreaths, tons of glitter, and a CAMERA!  When this energy is mixed with an eclectic array of children’s sustainable fashion labels adorning these little darlings, the results are truly creative, sensational photos!

Why the to-do?  We’re launching a new line of super fresh, hip organic cotton girl’s tights, Luna Leggings, for all our active and carefree young spirits out there— the Luna Leggings Girls!  Much more than beautiful faces, they are pure, raw energy.  They are bold and loud.  They are soft and sweet.  They are sharp and stylish.  They are healthy and active.  They are our daughters, each unique and individual and passionate about life!

This special day brought together such an amazing group of girls, all rock stars in my mind!, their families and friends, all to support the Luna Leggings line.   While the day proved to be lots of fun, it was also a lot of work for these girls as they patiently waited to be primped and dressed and awaited their turn in front of the camera, a somewhat difficult task for these little energetic bunnies.

Sitting patiently and helping each other out!

I want to thank all the parents so much, many of you school friends and others neighbors, you endured this action-packed day with calm and patient support, all bringing smiles, and for some drying tears.

Some Tears

You are the rocks, and I feel fortunate to be surrounded by this influence- – of passionate parenting, of patience and understanding, of supporting our community and friends, and of having a great time doing it!   I have such a huge appreciation for all of you, because without you there would be no Luna Leggings!


And to capture these dazzling moments of play and whimsy Lauri Levenfeld of, a friend of mine for many years.  What can I say?  You nailed it, girl!  You captured the true essence of Luna Leggings in each and every one of these girls.  I so enjoy working with you!  Your energy and endurance is incredible.

What a team!

Lauri’s work goes way beyond the norm.  Her creativity behind each photo is also immersed in branding and achieving a cohesive aesthetic, thinking ultimately about finding the deepest level, of sustainable fashion, of supporting the community, and the driving motivations and core values behind the line.

The fact that she’s an amazing mother to a sweet, spunky little gem, who joined us as a model at the shoot, really enhances her creative and compassionate work behind the camera, especially with our young girls in this shoot.  Lauri- you are a star!

Photographer’s assistant- helping mommy!

So not only do we have these 13 gorgeous young ‘models’ running around (and did I mention our one boy, a younger brother, who had no problem jumping into the mix and stirring it up with his vibrant energy) but these girls are wearing the most eclectic, most amazing eco-friendly fashion labels- apparel, shoes, and accessories- all brought together by the chic and stylish Mary Kinney of Sister-Brother,

Urban stroll

She has the most incredible eye, a super unique, super funky taste, and an eco-conscious drive that sets such a bold statement.  And when she puts a Pink Floyd tee, Luna’s ‘Blueberry’ design with attached pink tutu skirt, darling little Morgan and Milo ‘mary janes’ and colorful felt barrettes together, it just works!

Rockin’ outfit!

We were all blown away by the fashion-forward, diverse ensembles.  And Mary does it all with such ease, with an inherent talent, her positivity radiating throughout the day.

Lauri + Mary are a dynamic duo, and your team is just as incredible as well.  A special thanks to Jessica, Lauri is so lucky to have you, you’re on top of every little detail, and seem to know exactly what Lauri’s thinking at all times.  Kim, the special touch of your flowers and beautiful decorative accents added such an authenticity and natural vibe to each shot- check out the tree swing!

The fabulous tree swing!

And the hair + make-up team, Liz and everyone- the fabulous braids, the gloss, the glitter, the delicate face paint.  The girls all adored you, you made them each feel so special, while being so gracious and patient throughout the day.

My husband, my husband- let’s call it the ‘Arden to the Rescue’ day.  To start, as the day began we realized the RV needed a full tank of gas to run the generator, a critical component to the day.  Without hesitation he heads to the gas station to fill up 6 jugs of gas and returns quickly to save the day.  Not only was he part of the shoot as a model, but he also jumped in wherever there was a need, ‘putting out fires’ left and right.  Kids fading?  Arden’s there with lemonade and trail mix.  Tights twisted?  Arden is there to fix the wrinkle.  Morale fading?  Arden to the rescue!  I honestly could not have endured this day, nor any other aspect of this endeavor, without his everlasting support.

Arden keeping the energy up with a sing-a-long session.

So many more to thank – my parents, of course, right there to help where needed, keeping the girls happy and entertained, and always joyfully participating in whatever unexpectedly comes up. They are the unconditional support that I can always count on.

After the majority of our time at the Community Gardens, for some the day had come to an end, but for those who had endured and had one last burst of energy, we headed downtown to our final setting- the gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, colorful graffiti wall created by artist Megan Spendlove,, a mother and passionate eco-activist.  Bursting with incredible vibrancy, this amazing creation takes on it’s own life in the late afternoon sun.

Last scene at the Graffiti Wall

Her work perfectly complements the Luna Leggings line, our Luna Leggings Girls, and the urban feel we wanted to capture.  I have to say, there was such a surreal energy in the alley- the team, the parents, the utter silliness of the girls, the lighting at dusk, the now crisp, cooling air.

End of the day silliness

The intensity of the day culminated here, with bold, intense photos and impromptu styling, and then we finally were able to feel a sense of relief and rejoice in the incredible success of the day.  Phew!!!

Mary, Lauri, and I celebrate the day with our hula-hooping girls!

What an experience!  Exhausting?  Yes.  Grueling?  At times.  Fun?  Of Course.  Totally amazing?  Absolutely.

I cannot think of a better way to launch the fun, new Luna Leggings line- I hope you will enjoy checking out some of these ‘behind the scene’ shots from this super special day.  Luna Leggings have arrived– stay tuned to learn more about our unique tights and The Luna Leggings Girls!!

♥  Jennie

And again, a huge thanks to the stores that provided us with sustainable fashion lines for the shoot, and to the designers that use organic and eco-friendly materials to create their amazing products.

Gracie Mae Kids for providing some of our gorgeous ‘girlie’ looks —
Koukla Kids for many of our sustainable apparel and shoes —
Clozline for such unique custom made eco-friendly pieces —
Puddles for providing so many amazing eco-fashion labels including Stella McCartney organics —
Morris & Terry for some of the more ‘menswear-inspired’ organic pieces —
Krazy Mary’
Coyote Phoenix for the one-of-a-kind parasols —
Beatrix NY for their darling recycled backpacks —
Hula Hoops from —