Luna Legging’s Debut at Boutique in Alameda!

Luna Legging’s debuts our premiere line at the super-fab, earth-friendly children’s boutique, Monkey Bars, in the bustling downtown shopping district of Alameda. Sharing our fun, organic tights at Monkey Bar’s Holiday Bash was tremendously rewarding and great to spend time with so many like-minded individuals who energized, reassured, and totally inspired me.

The positive response was incredible- so wonderful to hear how people loved the soft feel of the fabric, bright colors, and styling. I heard “Fun!”, “Cool!”, and “How unique!” Everyone so enthusiastic about the line, and loving the eco-friendly focus and homegrown nature of our product. “Do they come in larger sizes?” I was questioned. At this point we are starting with ages 0-8, though I do keep hearing this! Hmmmmmmmmm, definitely food for thought….


Heather rules the roost- Love her! And her store is beautiful, fresh, and represents the essence of the Luna Legging’s philosophy- quality, functional, and fun, while remaining healthy for our planet. And love that Luna Leggings will be residing alongside all the other fantastic lines Monkey Bars carries.

It was also such a pleasure to meet super sweet Heather and Leigh from Zoe Organics- both so passionate and true to the wholesome intention behind the line. Zoe products are made from such pure ingredients and smell insanely good- the Love My Belly Butter’s amazing scent lingered in the air as the massage therapist worked away, obviously a product for more than just bellies!

It’s always wonderful to hang out with other entrepreneurial mamas who share a similar passion for our kids, our planet, and creating something special to share with the world around us. Thanks Monkey Bars for a perfect evening showcasing our line, so glad to be a part of it.

All-in-all a successful event- and it’s helped to kick off the Luna Leggings launch which we will fully embrace next month!

♥  Jennie