Every purchase of Luna Leggings – Holiday Collection supports the non-profit Project Night Night:

At the core of Luna Leggings is the passion and drive to support a sustainable lifestyle, a socially responsible business, and ultimately, to keep our world (and our kids!) healthy.

With our HOLIDAY COLLECTION ’12, we continue our mission to give back.

Luna Leggings is thrilled to partner with the incredible organization Project Night Night! This San Francisco-based non-profit organization distributes ‘Night Night‘ packages of childhood essentials, free of charge, to over 25,000 homeless children across the country every year.  By providing objects of reliable comfort, Project Night Night reduces trauma and advances the emotional and cognitive well-being of the children they serve.

With every pair of Luna Leggings purchased from our Holiday Collection,  we are donating 1 pair to Project Night Night, and ultimately a child in need.

We are so excited to include a pair of Luna Leggings as a part of the Night Night Packages.  The packages include a book, blanket, and soft stuffed animal for each child.  A pair of warm, cozy Luna Leggings will provide them with a fun, unique, long-lasting item of clothing that they can call their own.

We’d like to extend a huge ‘Thank you!’ to Kendra Robins, Founder and Executive Director of Project Night Night, for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of their mission- helping homeless children to have sweeter dreams!

Stay tuned- we’ll let you know how our delivery of product goes later this month!